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Name:Wendy Watson
Deserted beach on an unplottable tropical island, planet unknown and probably filled with young, photogenic people. 5:00 AM. India Standard Time.

Wendy Watson; a young, photogenic woman of Cuban descent. With brown hair, brown eyes and a slender yet athletic appearance, Wendy can both blend into the background or stand out in a crowd doing whatever it is her job as a Middleman (Middlegirl, Middleperson...) needs her to.

Wendy Watson is taken from the TV Series 'The Middleman' and finds herself on Tabula Rasa during the events in season one, episode 9 “The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown”. She arrives with the following:
-One Middle Uniform: Dark green neatly pressed jacket, crisp white shirt, loose black tie, black trousers, black leather belt with pouch (pouch contains various fake ID’s), black leather holster (with one Middle Gun, fully charged), one pair of black socks, one pair of high heeled boots, one silver Middle Watch and a BTRS scanner (Beyond the Realm of Science.)
-Everything else not to Middle Spec but all things Dub Dub: A light pink bra with floral design, pair of fuchsia girl boxers, a pair of contact lenses, a spare pair of glasses, one silver lighter with airplane design and a half chewed pencil.

I am neither Wendy Watson nor Natalie Morales. Wendy Watson belongs to The Middleman and Natalie, is of course, property of herself. This journal is for roleplaying at the_blank_slate and no profit is being made from it.
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