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Aug. 25th, 2015 11:31 pm
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Hallway to Billy Batson's Apartment. 7PM Darrow time.

The thing about sexy leather/PVC catsuits that Hollywood didn't tell you was leather/PVC/riding up my ass catsuits squeaked. And not sexy squeaks, nope loud and uncomfortable slightly squishy squeaks. Whatever allure that Wendy might pose to the legal, totes legal- but highly dubious- Billy Batson, she was pretty sure she ruined it by squeaking. Which was probably a good thing. Probably. Especially cause she was dating Shazam, who was also Billy but he didn't know that she knew. It was complicated.

"Hey, need to borrow your shower. Do you know how to get green... lets call it fluid, out of this leather/PVC/bondage nightmare?" Wendy Watson, aka the Middleman, asked as she squeaked into Billy's life yet again. Some women arrived in a cloud of perfume or slunk into a room but Wendy squeaked the entire way. Like a demented mouse. God, she hated this fifty shades of hell outfit. "Only I'm supposed to return it and I doubt I'm going to get my deposit back. Do you think I could put it on a tax return as a business expense? Technically it was a business expense."
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Some abandoned creepy warehouse, full of people in meat bags.
Mmm meat bags. Not totally weird or disgusting at all.
Seriously so gross.
Brooding Blade O'Clock.

"Seriously, on a scale of one to ten who thought that following that mysterious tip to a dark, abandoned creepy warehouse was going to actually pay off?" Wendy asked, raising her hand while Whistler JR gave her a look and Blade brooded some more. Seriously since Hannibal had been turned, these guys just weren't the same. No jokes, no sleepovers, no nail painting parties... okay, so that had never happened before but Hannibal had always suggested it. Now though, now it was all 'We must kill all the things' and fuck that traitor Hannibal who was apparently a vampire again. And according to the rumours by choice. All Danica had to do was spread her legs and Hannibal just went trotting back home, dick tucked between his legs. "No? Just me then."

"Let's split up."

"Of course because that's a good- and you've both left me of course you have because this is the silent brooding party of two." Wendy muttered as the pair disappeared into thin air at Blade's command. Seriously? Seriously. If it wasn't for the fate of the world, Wendy would seriously just leave. As much as she was committed to the cause since Hannibal had gone it wasn't the same. Who knew she apparently missed him hitting on her and her knocking him back every single damn day.

"Asshole," Wendy muttered, turning down into a dark corridor and training her gun in the darkness. Looking around she turned at the sound of a can skittering across the floor. Approaching the can, Wendy made a face as she looked at the familiar scrawl written across it... "Behind you? What the hell does that mean? Behind what- aaagh!"
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I've got a lovely bunch of- Coconut cottage.
The lamest name ever Hannibal. No, really.
Green Arrow Estate. Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa.

"Seriously, an alien exploding out of the chest is a perfect analogy for the fact that I'm about go give birth. Okay, so our parasitic fruit of our loins is going to come from a bit further down and isn't likely, well unless it falls in radioactive goop, to try and take over the world through death, destruction and more death. But apart from that, perfect analogy." Wendy called out. Okay, Halloween was the best commercialised holiday. It had costumes, free candy, endless zombie video game playing... it was the best. And she was not loving it. Why? Because Ripley JR had decided that he or she was going to you know play lets cause momma some minor to irritatingly painful pain. Which she was ignoring. Totally. "And I'm not going as Slutty Spider-Man. How is that even a costume?"

Wendy looked at the options she had opened to her and then snorted and rolled her eyes so hard because of course Hannibal managed to find her an outfit that made her want to punch him in the face even more. "And I'm not going as your ex. Evil Slutty Vampire should not be a thing. And the stake is not your penis, we're not doing bad puns about you being Biffy the Vampire Layer or how you have some wood you'd like to put in me."

Hidden away in the walk-in, Dub Dub suddenly reached out grabbing a handful of clothes at the increase in pain. Okay, so that was a doozy. A real kind of- killer pain. She could deal. Pulling on the gore ridden t-shirt, Wendy looked about for the xenomorph that she'd kept to attach later and sighed.

"Did you steal my xenomorph again? Hannibal? Han-oh god." Peeking out the closet, Wendy eyes widened as she caught the door frame and took a moment. "Okay, so I'm either about to give birth or my costume is coming to life and we're about to have a xenomorph burst through my stomach. OWWWW HOLY %$£@!"
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Wendy was still debating whether or not she meant letting him fuck her in his chair but she did pull him inside their hut. Their hut was never not going to be a weird thing where he'd stupidly moved in without really asking and made her fall in love and just did everything in a really pain-in-the-ass Hannibal way. And she wouldn't change any of it, especially him. Not even the beard.

She fucking liked the beard, okay?

"You just like anything, you are ridiculously agreeable. You know you're going to have to toughen up, I'm not playing bad cop when the kid wraps you around her little finger." Wendy muttered, pushing him back into his chair. Turning round she sat down on top of him and pressed her ass back against his cock until her back was pressed against his chest and she could lean comfortably back against him. "Or his finger. You're going to have to be serious, stern, which is not an excuse for you to spank me more."

Except that would be nice, wouldn't it?
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Wendy's eyes crinkled a little with not-so-subtly hidden happiness. Well, maybe not happiness but enjoyment. Okay with a little bit of happiness mixed in. She liked dating-doing-whatever this was with Hannibal, he kind of got under your skin like that. An irritating, swearing, kickass sonuva... who she kind of really liked.

"See, I think you out of anyone likes this more." Wendy replied, her fingertips gripping his hair tighter as she bit the bottom of her lips. Licking them, she parted her lips softly before pressing a teasing kiss against the corner of his mouth.
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I've got a lovely bunch of Coconut... Cottage. GAE. Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa.

Wendy Watson, Middleman-girl-person, held her breath as she tried to disengage the ticking time bomb. Peeling back a little, she lifted a piece trying to squeeze free as she swallowed another almost overwhelming wave of nausea. She could do this, she could get out of this trap before... Hannibal woke up. And then he never had to know, nope not ever because she was going to keep ignoring this potential disaster of a thing.

"C'mon freedom," Wendy whispered quietly ducking her head beneath his arm, she managed to squeeze through to the edge of the bed before warm, strong arms pulled her back in. No, no, no, no. Oh Middlehell. Feeling Hannibal shift and move behind her, Wendy turned to look at her boyfriend-manfriend-person. Pressing her lips together, she rolled over properly to face him. Sliding a hand into his hair, she pressed her other hand against his chest pushing slightly. "Hey, no snuggling you have to get up." Because she was going to be sick and he needed to not be here to see this. "You have ITF things this morning, c'mon up."
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Talos Industries.
A corporation of corporate idiots who like to suck the life out of you. Literally. Sparkly vampires need not apply. Or Blade, seriously if your name is Blade, do not apply. Not even janitorial positions.

They were so easy to manipulate; humans, vampires, didn't matter which. All you had to do was give them a shiny toy and they were hers. A shiny toy or someone to fear. And in this case it was both, she had sent the pair to find their maker. All of their makers. The original vampire. Shiny, shiny toy and Wendy was left to rule in their absence. They hadn't even questioned it or themselves, they were going to search and here she was waiting.


Even in their presence they still didn't realise what she had done. They thought they were in charge when in fact... she was. She'd eliminate them later, set them both up as puppets and then when she had done what she had wanted then she would get rid of them. It was a perfect plan. She would have to monologue about it later.

But now, she had other things to do. Other people. Like him. She'd liked him, before, when she was human. And weak. And pathetic. She'd believed in ideals, her and him and Whistler and the Nightstalkers. Now, she was going to destroy them. Starting with him.
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The Compound, mystery tropical island.
Currently occupied by a Middleman-woman-person of mystery and... Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was Ridiculously photogenic Superhero!
20:59 ??? Tabula Rasa Time

"Ugh, just get in. Harder! Harder! Yes, that's it! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Wendy shouted, wiggling her ass a little more as she bent over. Letting out a pleased groan, she turned at the sound of noise behind her before moving back quickly, hitting her head as she finished readjusting the wires on the console. "Sorry, we had a HDMI malfunction. You alright? Ready for gaming night?"

Wendy grinned, rubbing her head as she stood up to face Kon.

SKILL list

Nov. 26th, 2012 10:36 am
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*Speaks Spanish
*Studied Martial Arts with Sensei Ping
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Agent Esther Finkelstein, Mossad.
Specialist Zoe Heriot.*
Clara Clayton.**
Marion the Enthusiastic.***
Agent Forrestal***
Agent Ravenwood***
Kelly Robinson
Contessa Caroline di Conti
Agent Wolff
Agent Russell, Grief Counsellor.
Dr Zeddemore

*Doctor Who reference
**Back to the future reference
***Indiana Jones reference


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